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Since being founded in 1914, Elmhurst Golf & Country Club has provided Winnipeg and area residents a premier golf and leisure time experience. Our core belief is that everyone deserves a place they can go to relax with their family, entertain friends and have the sense of belonging that only comes with a private golf membership. Elmhurst is the place for you, and it’s closer than you think. Situated only 15 minutes from downtown Winnipeg, the ability to enjoy golf at Manitoba’s premiere golf course is within your reach.

Elmhurst never closes due to wet turf conditions. The naturally draining terrain which Elmhurst is lucky enough to be built on allows for play immediately following heavy rains.

A select few courses can boast that its designer is one of only two golf architects ever elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame. Over 100 major championships have been played on Ross courses and they continue to be utilized with great regularity. Elmhurst boasts a championship classic design along with a landscape found nowhere else in Manitoba that allows for players of all levels to enjoy the game as it was meant to be.

Click our “Membership” menu link above for more details on a variety of private golf membership packages for individual shareholders, families and associates or contact Dave McMillan – PGA of Canada Director of Golf Operations – direct at golf@elmhurstcc.ca

Elmhurst History Facts:

  • Walter Hagen, Ted Ray, Harry Vardon & Moe Norman have all played at Elmhurst
  • Of Members of the Manitoba Golf Hall of Fame, over half have been members at Elmhurst
  • The Championship legacy of Elmhurst is second to none in Manitoba
  • Elmhurst has hosted Championships of all levels, from local amateur events to national championships, including the 2014 Canadian Men’s Amateur

Elmhurst’s Master Plan
In the mid-2000s Elmhurst’s Board of Directors developed a Master Plan document based on recommendations from Ron Pritchard, a world renowned golf architect and Donald Ross restoration expert. Since this document was produced, the club has made changes to the golf course based on its recommendations. The result has been a return to the classic Donald Ross style of golf that is lost in many North American markets. As the 2014 US Open, held at a restored Pinehurst #2 would indicate, golf in North America is returning to it’s roots and Elmhurst is on the cusp of this comeback.

Please click the link below for a report outlining the history of the Master Plan and of Elmhurst itself. We hope you enjoy reading this fascinating bit of golf history and develop the appreciation for the property that the members of Elmhurst have.

Master Plan & Elmhurst History – 2004

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