Since 1914 Elmhurst Golf & Country Club has provided Winnipeg  & area residents a premier place to golf and enjoy leisure time. Established by executives from the Timothy Eaton Co., the vision continues to this day that everyone deserves a place they can go to relax with their family, entertain friends, and have the sense of belonging that only comes with a private golf membership.

Elmhurst is that place, and it’s closer than you think. Only 15 minutes from downtown Winnipeg and you can enjoy the best golf in the province, forged by mother nature on the best draining land around, and sculpted by World Golf Hall of Fame architect Donald Ross.

Elmhurst History Facts:

  • Walter Hagen, Ted Ray, Harry Vardon & Moe Norman have all played at Elmhurst.
  • Of Members of the Manitoba Golf Hall of Fame, over half have been members at Elmhurst.
  • The Championship legacy of Elmhurst is second to none in Manitoba. Dozens of provincial titles and team representatives have come out of Elmhurst in the past century-plus.
  • Elmhurst has hosted championships of all levels, from local amateur events to national championships, including the 2014 Canadian Men’s Amateur Championship.

Designed by the Legendary Donald Ross

Welcome to Elmhurst Golf & Country Club, Winnipeg’s Premier Private Golf Club & the Home of Champions. A select few clubs can boast that it’s course designer is one of only two golf architects ever elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame. A classic design along with a landscape found nowhere else in Manitoba allows for players of all levels to enjoy the game as it was meant to be.

Combined with naturally draining land, Elmhurst never closes due to wet turf conditions and is widely considered Manitoba’s most playable course. Play the golf you deserve. Play at Elmhurst, the golfer’s club.

An Ongoing Commitment to Club Improvement

Elmhurst’s 16th and 18th green complexes were restored in the fall of 2016, and both greens came into play in early 2017. The work performed by Integrative Golf Co. falls in line with Elmhurst’s long term master plan and restores the greens to the look and play Donald Ross intended.

As a member at Elmhurst you'll see an ongoing commitment from the Board of Directors to responsibly improving the club in every way possible.


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Juniors of full shareholders play free of charge


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10 day advanced booking
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HALF CORPORATE available for $3225
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